Why The Confusion?

Things just sort of evolved that way over time, so we're stuck with a term that is not only misleading but does more harm than good.  We should have done better with the name for this group of products.

Medical Hemp would have been a much better name.

The test results shown above provide a good example of where the confusion begins.  It details a product that contains many cannabinoids, one of them being CBD.

The test results of another product would yield different results.  It might contain more, or it might contain less cannabinoids depending upon the product.

There are even some products on the market today contain only one cannabinoid, the cannabinoid CBD and nothing else.  Yet strangely any product that contains any amount of CBD is referred to as CBD.

And that's where the confusion begins.


The name ''CBD'' is a misnomer.

It does not describe the products on the market very well at all.

Medical Hemp would have been a much better name for CBD-type products.