[1] Why The Confusion?

The reason the term CBD is confusing is because things just sort of evolved that way over time.  It's kind of like the blond-headed kid who got stuck with the nickname "Red" - descriptive or not the tag simply took hold at one point in time.  Now that the market is all grown up we should do better.

Medical Hemp is a much better name and one preferred by many industry insiders.  For my personal tastes I'd prefer Medicinal Hemp, but either would be a dramatic improvement over the term CBD.

The test results shown above of a CBD product provides a good example of why things are confusing.  It details many cannabinoids for the product ingredients, one of them being CBD.  Why ignore the other ingredients?

Had this product been called a Medicinal Hemp product instead the consumer would at least understand multiple ingredients are involved.

Now toss in another important point -  some products contain only the CBD cannabinoid and nothing else.  You can see how the confusion factor starts to multiply from a consumer's perspective.  Lets look at a few other example product ingredients:

Product A =  CBD + CBDA + THCA


Product B = CBD + CBDV


Product C = CBD

Each example above would yield different results when tested in a laboratory.

Why then call them all CBD?


The name ''CBD'' is a misnomer.

It does not describe the products on the market very well at all.

Medical Hemp would have been a much better name for CBD-type products.