[4] About Cannabinoids

Cannabis plants are true chemical factories.

Throughout the life cycle of the plant they can produce up to 100 different chemicals.

But there is one big problem.  Despite being a miracle of mother nature the public tends to freak out when they hear the "C" word - "cannabis".

And when the public freaks out - so do politicians.

What is lacking is education and as things happen to turn out it's not exactly rocket science.  Here's the basics:

Of all the different chemicals produced by cannabis plants there are two that stand out as being unique.

[1] One chemical called THC will get you high.

[2] Another chemical called CBD triggers your immune system to produce their own set of beneficial chemicals.


The remaining cannabinoids which are not unique fall into what might be called the "other" category.  These cannabinoids attach to receptors in your body, each having their own distinct medicinal benefits.  Many of these benefits are not yet well understood by science.

But research is marching along and making progress every day.  We do know this much, when cannabinoids are taken together (like a multi-vitamin) they produce a very beneficial multiplier effect.  It's a case where 1 plus 1 equals more than 2.


Let's look at a few examples:

Slows Bacteria Growth = CBD + CBGA + CBG


Sleep Aid = THCA + CBG


Relieves Anxiety = CBD + CBDA + CBGA


Although medical research is still in its infancy advances are occurring rapidly. From a consumer point of view we do know taking the multi-vitamin approach is far superior than using the single cannabinoid CBD all by itself.